Interested in a cute little gift for you and your LDR partner? I am now taking commissions.


Just the lineart per 11x17" page: $40
All the things per 11x17" page: $50 
Shipping and handling fee for original work: U.S., $5

Here are the steps to making it happen:

1. Email me at to say you want a commission of you and your lovely LDR SO.
2. Tell me how many pages you are wanting as well as a particular story from your LDR experience you would like me to draw (examples: closing the distance, a funny moment, the "I want to be with this person no matter what it takes" moment).
3. Upon agreement of commission, send me you and your partner's photos (the more the better, for reference), as well as the text you would like me to include, if any, and your contact information for when I am done.
4. When I am finished, I will email you. Once the money is cleared through PayPal I will send it via mail to the address provided.

Goals for commissions fund:

1. My own 11x17" scanner
2. Drawing tablet
3. Drawing materials
4. Ability to turn my art into a book
5. Closing the distance costs

Past Commissions

From: Florida

To: Massachusetts

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