About ODC

One Day Closer (ODC) is a mostly autobiographical webcomic that talks about long distance relationships... in other words, usually mine. The goal of this project is to make art, to improve said art, and to turn it into a book when CK and I close the distance for good.

About the Author

Morri is a Conflict Resolution practitioner by day, webcomic reader and (now) artist on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

She is also the creator of Meals with Morri, a gluten/soy/cane sugar free food blog. CK is a big fan of her cookies and crespelle (Italian crepes).

Other contributors to ODC

CK is Morri's Partner with a capital 'P'. He is all about the science, wears a tie-dye labcoat to work, and is a cheese fiend vegetarian. He is presently in Italy, but is always willing to provide ideas for comics.

Lilli is the family cat and Morri's childhood companion. She may be thirteen-years-old, but she can out-brat the youngest of kittens. She is also a total snug bug and an avid cuddler.

Mar[delle] (didn't name her...) is the second family cat as of August 2015. Recently part of a feral colony as a teeny tiny kitten, she has since then grown and made herself quite the hellion. She likes to be pet (sometimes), but laps are lava.

H & J are CK's and Morri's two dear LD friends (the bestest ever) and the other half to the Wingmates tribe. Recently closing the distance themselves, they are always up for a group chat on Skype. H is a hardcore believer of teatime and flower crowns, and J is a computer genius with a soft spot for kilts.

Bran and Teague are Morri's buntastic animal companions, adopted on November 15, 2015. Bran (the one on top) is the boss of the two, but tends to be shy. Teague (the helicopter eared on the bottom) is subservient to Bran, but is actually more outgoing and desirous of pets. The are blueberry fiends.

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