Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Baby, It's Cold Outside, pt. 1

This has been a hard secret to keep, but I was able to hide it when CK arrived for the holidays. This is a special comic that follows the lyrics "Baby, it's Cold Outside", his and my favorite December song. It is also his gift. 

You may also have noticed two rabbits in the comic. Those are my two new animal companions, Bran and Teague.  

About the buns: I adopted Bran and Teague on November 15 of this year, a month after losing my first rabbit, Thistle, to a severe case of coccidia and GI Stasis. I had had him for a mere weekend before ending up in the Vet ER, had him stay there for a few days, took him home, and not four hours later, rushed his poor bloated self to the ER again only to be told he needed to be put to sleep. October had been a rough month for me.

Rest in peace, Thistle dude

A few days after his passing, I looked on PetFinder for rabbits near me and discovered Bran and Teague, then called Cinnabun and Flopsy. They were originally thought to be two girls, but after their neutering, the rescue group learned differently. I got in touch with the group, filled out their application, passed their phone interview, visited the little dudes, and the rest was history.

We spent November and part of December getting to know each other, and it's amazing how much our relationship has developed. 

Teague, the helicopter-eared curious sweetie
Bran, the shy bossy bun

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